About our company

High Real Trade is a group form by traders, investors and crypto-entrepreneurs that are agreed with one thing and have the same goal: we are sick of seeing that more than 90% of the business on internet are just another ponzi scheme where the developers just created it only to get rich, swindle people and then just create another scam with another name; and at the same time something as amazing and innovative as the Bitcoin begins to be seen as something untrusted and bad, while it was created by Satoshi Nakamoto to show people that there is an alternative of the actual economic system that has been failed again and again causing a loop of faults, depreciations of the nationals coins, etc.

The bitcoin was created with the purpose to give the people the ability to choose the value of a virtual coin with anything else than the offer and demand, showing the humanity they actually don´t need anyone to obstruct their collective decisions, their will.

That´s the reason why in High Real Trade we only accept Bitcoin as the way to pay, and we also pay our investors in BTC, even some of our trading bots have gains in Bitcoins, as you can see we launch the platform exactly 10 years later the Bitcoin was created. Also for those like us, who loved those days when mining BTC was not only very profitable for the increasing value of the coin, but the fact of check your balance and know it was growing constantly and enormously was something that we want to return to the Bitcoin believers, nevertheless as you know the mining difficult nowadays is just too high. However with the efficiency of our trading softwares that feeling of watch your balance in BTC growth is again a reality.

We are trying to change the bad concept that some people have in their mind because they have been scammed by other platforms, we want to show that actually invest in the Internet and Bitcoin is something that can give you stable, trustworthy and excellent profits.

In order to do that we have unified all of our abilities in the same project, that includes: trading skills in forex and other kind of markets, programming skills with different kind of computational language, relevant influences that were keys to the project, investment and business expertise, academic formation, and an ideology focused on doing things the way they should be.

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Generate in our investors a unique confidence that allows us to establish a relationship of loyalty where both parties achieve a financial harmony thanks to the experience of our team and our artificial intelligence system that operates in the Forex market and allows us to obtain returns on Bitcoins.


To be recognized as the first investment platform worldwide pioneer in the generation of Bitcoins through Forex trading, as well as in the use of cutting-edge software in the strategic management of investment funds with more than 100 million clients.


We have been testing our trading software for more than 7 years with the release of 15 different versions where we were improving the artificial intelligence of our trading bots. However, our speech about our experience is useless if we do not first show you what we are capable of. For this reason, we invite you to become one of our investors.

How to get started

To start earning money with High Real Trade you need to complete several procedures:

  • Account registration
  • Deposit opening
  • Income accrual
  • Money withdrawal